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Colored Graffiti Maze Seamless Patterns

Graffiti Mess Seamless Background

Rainbow-like maze is a pattern for those who value flamboyant style and unique easy to edit content. 10 multi-colored variations help you to express your opinion, mood or attitude. Such erratic ornament allows nobody to stay indifferent. Unusual tangled lines make your page original and trendy.

Change hues according to your needs from psychedelic red with neon yellow to pastel pink. Abstract labyrinth and geometric graffiti resemble hip hop culture.

This editable pattern is ideal for social media, wallpapers or even commercial banners.

The pattern perfectly fits printed production and web-site design.

Zig-zag Multicolored Patterns Benefits

Due to the vector graphics, all layered backgrounds are easy to edit in Adobe Illustrator. Make your page modern and eye-catching using custom settings for colors, shapes and geo size to match your purpose. The archive contains API, EPS 10, PNG, JPG files.

With seamless patterns it is simple to change the direction of geometric background creating the illusion of endless intricacy. These multi colored motifs make a visitor stare at them in confusion, trying to make heads and tails of the lines.

Application highlights

The major advantage of this hippie style tileable set is its multipurpose application. Colorful zigzags can be used as:

  1. flyer;
  2. app background;
  3. advertisement;
  4. Instagram stories;
  5. desktop wallpaper;
  6. wrapping;
  7. textile print;
  8. leaflet;
  9. poster;
  10. device covers;
  11. ad banners.

Hip-hop style zig zags suit music backgrounds or gift wrapping as well.

Additional information:

Please, thoroughly check the description details before making a purchase.

  • Graphics Files Included: AI, EPS 10, PNG, JPG Image
  • Pixel Dimensions: 5000×3333
  • Print Dimensions: 16.667×11.11
  • Resolution: 300 dpi

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Colored Graffiti Maze Seamless Patterns - 1

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Christmas Tree Ball Animated Mockup

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

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15 Abstract Futuristic Crypto Blockchain Backgrounds. White Dots and Shapes in Triangles Set 1

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

All prices are in US dollars and exclude sales tax

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Rubber Wristband Mockup

Wristband Mockup

Professional High quality realistic wristband mockup for portfolio, showcase, presentation, poster, advertisement, and more. Quickly and easily customizable by using smart objects.


  • 4 Different Mockups From Different Style and Angle
  • High Resolution 5000×5000 px (300 dpi)
  • Changeable Print Design via Smart Objects
  • Same wristband Used For All Mockups / Mock-ups
  • Changeable Background Texture & Colors
  • Separated Shadows
  • Shadows On/Off Feature
  • Easy to use: Organized and named layers
  • Fully Customizable
  • Original Editable PSD Files

Thanks For Your Purchase.

Please discuss on comments if you have any question regarding the mockup, or drop an personal message.

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Poster Mockup

Free sample –

Showcase your design using high resolution photo of hands holding A3 poster turned into a customizable Photoshop mockup. Select craft paper textures to your taste. This product is perfect for print and stationery designers.

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS4+

Product includes:

  • psd with a3 poster;
  • 4 craft paper textures;
  • help files (video tutorials);

Editable elements:
Important:Patterns and textures used in previews are not included in product.

Have any questions? Let us know.

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9 Realistic 3D Flag Mock Up`s

9 Realistic 3D Flag Mock-Up

  • 9 psd files 3000×2000 px;
  • Play with FX controllers;
  • 5 backgrounds;
  • Easy to edit via smart;
  • From Matte to glossy flag;
  • Easy to use;
  • Illustrated guide to use;
  • Best organised layers;
  • Logos on Realistic 3D Flag Mock-Up are only samples for
  • Font used: Roboto

Notice: All images & fonts are not include in Realistic 3D
Flag Mock-Up.

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T-Shirt Mockup

T-Shirt Mock-up

Create your own designs and show them off with a quality
looking T-shirt mock-up. Simple adjustments allow you to change
the color of the shirt and the tone of the skin for more
variations. Paste your own design into the smart-object and
you’re done!


  • Fully Layered Photoshop Document
  • Photoshop Version: CS4 or Higher
  • Organized Layers
  • High resolution 3500×3000 px. 300 dpi
  • 4 PSD Mock-ups (male & female, front and back)
  • Customizable shirt, skin and hair color
  • Displacement map for extra accuracy
  • Transparent background
  • 20 popular custom colors included, along with a textured
    Sport Gray
  • User Guide Included

Update History

  • v1.3 – Sept 18th, 2013
  • Added 20 popular custom colors, including a textured
    Sport Gray
  • Fixed mask so that you can now preview the shirt without
  • Minor adjustments here and there. The shadow map is now set
    at default 90% opacity, for more brightness
  • v1.2 – July 2nd, 2013
  • Added a highlight layer for better handling on dark shirts
  • Added a displaced cloth pattern layer
  • v1.1 – June 16th, 2013
  • Added a drop shadow layer for the background

Thank you & Enjoy! If you have the
time, please help support this product by rating it.

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Color – Double Exposure Photoshop Photo Template

Video Tutorial


Color Double Exposure Photoshop Photo Template – Use this
template to create stunning double exposure effects on your
photos and illustrations. Inside this pack you will find 01 PSD
and a step-by-step guide.

This template is extremely easy to use. What you need to do: 1.
place your images. 2. select the color you want. 3. if needed,
adjust brightness/ contrast of both images.


  • 01 PSD
  • 3000×2000 px
  • RGB
  • step-by-step guide

I’ve tried my best to make it simple and well-organized, but
please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further

This is a photoshop photo template, NOT an action.

Images are NOT included.

Thank you for your time!

Photo Credit

Adam Zvanovec, Asha Komarovskaya, Andrew Phillips, Anthony
Delanoix, Anthony Indraus, Benjamin Combs, Brooke Cagle, David
Marcu, David Olkarny, Jake Melara, Jay Mantri, Joey Thompson,
Joshua Earle, Kien Do, Kim Greenhalgh, Michael Ramey, Nick
Scheerbart, Noah Silliman, Ryann Flippo, Sylvain Reygaerts,
Thomas Lefebvre, Viktor Jakovlev, Unsplash, Pixabay

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6 Newspaper Advert Mockups

Wanting to show a client how their newspaper advert would look when printed. I have created 6 psd’s with smart objects that you can simply change.

Easily show your design in multiple formats and display your work in style, Enjoy!


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