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Linda Perry curating massive benefit gig for Sean Penn’s charity

Linda Perry has teamed up with Sean Penn and his CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) partners to curate a star-studded charity gig.

The two-day Rock ‘n’ Relief live stream will feature virtual performances from Foo Fighters, DeadMau5, Carly Simon, Sheryl Crow, Ziggy Marley, Silversun Pickups, Gavin Rossdale, Jewel, and Macy Gray, among others.

The concert will benefit CORE’s work supporting the City of Los Angeles’ mobile vaccination programme, which brings access to the COVID-19 vaccine directly to communities who need it most.

“As a mother and fellow member of this community, I wanted to do something to lift spirits and send a positive message of hope and humanity to all the healthcare workers and those on the front lines, as well as raise awareness and funds to support CORE and their relief efforts,” Perry said in a statement published by Rolling Stone.

“When I first put the word out, many jumped on board to contribute; we had over 150 bands submit to play… We are extremely overwhelmed by the level of support we are getting from these rebel artists who are generously donating their time and so grateful for the backing from the biggest players in the media space,” she went on.

CORE’s co-founder and CEO Ann Lee cheered Perry’s efforts, added: “We are thrilled that Linda Perry has curated such an amazing group of artists to support our cause and bring comfort and joy to people in this time of hardship.”

Dates for the charity event and more details will be released on Monday.

Jamie Spears’ lawyer: ‘My client is not the villain in Britney conservatorship battle’

Jamie Spears’ lawyer has broken her silence about her client’s battle to keep his position as his daughter’s conservator amid a wave of opposition from fans and the #FreeBritney movement.

Vivian Thoreen appeared on Good Morning America on Thursday to set the record straight and defend Jamie’s actions, insisting he has been incorrectly vilified in the media as the bad guy.

“I understand that every story needs a villain, but people have it so wrong here,” she said.

“This is a story about a fiercely loving, dedicated and loyal father who rescued his daughter from a life-threatening situation. People were harming her and they were exploiting her. Jamie saved Britney’s life,” she explained.

Jamie, who has been in charge of Britney’s welfare and finances since she suffered a breakdown in 2008, has attracted negative press following the debut of the hard-hitting documentary Framing Britney Spears this month. In it, he was depicted as a controlling dad, who doesn’t always have the Toxic singer’s best interests at heart.

But Thoreen insisted Britney is still very much in control of her life.

“Britney makes decisions all the time,” she said, noting: “If she wants to perform, if she wants to record an album, if she wants her name and likeness used, or if she just wants to live her life like a normal person, Jamie collaborates with Britney to make that happen.”

The attorney noted that Jamie had assisted Britney with regaining custody of her children and wrested her finances back from disaster.

“And he’s created a safe environment for her to live her life the way she wants, away from the media that cause her so much pain,” she went on.

Thoreen also revealed the Spears family held a secret summit meeting in their native Louisiana last year, and despite reports to the contrary, Jamie was never asked to step aside.

“Jamie loves his daughter and like any other family, issues come up from time to time, but this in no way takes away from the love and support that they have for each other,” she added.

Lady Gaga offers up $500,000 reward over snatched dog attack

Lady Gaga has offered a $500,000 (£354,000) reward for information about her missing French bulldogs after gunmen made off with the two dogs following an attack on their caregiver.

Ryan Fischer was ambushed close to his home in Hollywood, California as he walked the singer’s pooches, Koji, Miss Asia, and Gustavo.

He was shot in the chest four times, according to police, and the thugs snatched Koji and Gustavo, while Miss Asia ran away. Police officers later discovered Miss Asia, who was collected by the pop star’s bodyguard.

TMZ has since posted surveillance camera footage of the crime.

Gaga’s father, Joe Germanotta spoke with Fox News on Thursday and asked the public to: “Help us catch these creeps”.

“Shooting someone in order to steal dogs is wrong,” he added.

“We’re just sick over it, it’s really horrible,” he later told the New York Post, comparing the theft to the kidnapping of a child.

A rep for Gaga, who is in Italy, has confirmed she is so distraught she has offered $500,000 to get her dogs back, with no questions asked.

Meanwhile, Fischer, who was hospitalised after his attack, is said to be “recovering well”.

Los Angeles Police officials are investigating the attack and dog snatch.

FKA Twigs working on martial arts TV show

FKA Twigs is developing a new TV show about martial arts outsiders for America’s FX network.

The star came up with the idea while working on her video for Sad Day, which featured a mystical sword-fighting sequence last year.

“(I’ve done) a couple of fun things over lockdown, because I’ve had a lot of time with not travelling or touring,” she told The Face, noting: “I’ve been able to get a couple of ideas down for TV series and films.”

The Singer and songwriter explained: “There’s one… off the back of Sad Day, a music video that I did for one of my songs off (2020 album) Magdalene,” announcing that FX Networks are interested in the idea.

“I’ve developed it into a TV series and FX have picked it up. So I’m currently making my first TV series,” she declared.

Calling the show “like a martial arts TV series”, “centred around outsiders and the idea of wanting to fit in but not being able to” Twigs said she was researching the black community and the Chinese martial arts community and how they “have a really deep connection”.

“It goes into music. (Iconic rap group) The Wu-Tang Clan came together almost through martial arts,” she shared.

Dr. Dre seeking private trial over pre-nup dispute

Rap mogul Dr. Dre is requesting a five-day trial to determine the validity of the prenuptial agreement he signed with his estranged wife as their contentious divorce rages on.

Nicole Young filed court papers to end their 24-year marriage last June, and began fighting for a bigger share of Dre’s finances after claiming she had been forced to sign the prenup before their 1996 wedding.

She also alleged Dre had expressed regret for the way she was reportedly cornered into the contract and tore up multiple copies of the paperwork in front of her shortly after their nuptials.

However, the hitmaker, who has since become extremely wealthy, denies doing such a thing, maintaining he never pressured Nicole to agree to the financial split in the event of a break-up.

The dispute has been at the centre of their nasty divorce, and now TMZ has reported the superproducer has asking to have a private judge step in and make a ruling on the matter.

His attorney, Laura Wasser, also notes a clause in the original prenup, explaining any alterations must be made in writing.

Young has already objected to having the case removed from the court system and heard in private.

The news follows a request from her that three women who she claims her husband was intimate with during their marriage appear in court for depositions.

New mum Paloma Faith suffering ‘next level pain’ after being diagnosed with acute engorgement

Paloma Faith is in “next level pain” after being diagnosed with acute engorgement following the birth of her second child.

The Picking Up the Pieces star has been documenting her pregnancy and motherhood journey on her Instagram page, and returned to the social media site on Tuesday to share a picture of her painfully swollen breasts with cabbage leaves stuffed in her bra.

“Day 3 and my milk has come in….. I’ve been diagnosed with acute engorgement,” she wrote alongside the image. “This means I have too much milk and the baby isn’t big or strong enough to drain it and get it out. It’s painful. The boobs are rock hard. I’m trying massage while feeding, it hurts so much like a deep tissue massage and not much is helping. Hot showers/massage/hand expressing and poor baby is really over it with the exhausting hard work she needs to do to get the milk out of all those swollen blocked ducts.”

Paloma added that while she’s been told it “should settle”, she fears she might end up in Accident & Emergency before then, telling fans: “This is some next level pain! Mum life is REALLLLLLL (sic).”

The baby, whose arrival was announced earlier this week, is the second daughter for Paloma and partner Leyman Lahcine.

Jesy Nelson: ‘I mentally bullied myself to get skinny’

Former Little Mix star Jesy Nelson gave herself a hard time at the height of her self-abuse issues, because she thought being different would make her happier.

The singer revealed in a post to Instagram that she “mentally bullied” herself to please others and once starved herself to get skinny fast.

Looking back at a “sad” post-workout snap Jesy, who quit Little Mix in December for the sake of her mental health, wrote: “I just saw this picture pop up on my feed and it made me feel so sad.”

She explained: “On the day this picture was taken, I remember going to the gym with my manager and I stood in the mirror and I said, ‘God, I’m so fat I just want my legs to be like this (sic)’. I pulled my skin around to try and create a thigh gap because I genuinely believed that being skinny would make me happier.”

Jesy slimmed to a size eight, but still was far from satisfied: “It’s taken me 10 years to realise that I’m the only person I need to please.”

She mused: “as humans we find it so easy to pay other people compliments but yet we find it so hard to be kind to ourselves because it’s so much easier to pick ourselves apart than to find the things we love about ourselves.”

The Woman Like Me singer hopes her missteps will help fans struggling with body image issues: “If you’re someone who is feeling like I was, please don’t waste years of you’re life seeking approval from others, seek approval from yourself (sic),” she added.

“Be your number one fan. You are the one in control of your happiness and you are the only one of you in this world and that’s pretty f**king powerful!” she urged.

David Foster and Katharine McPhee welcome baby boy

Singer and actress Katharine McPhee has given birth to a son with her music mogul husband David Foster.

A representative for the couple has shared the news with, although specific details about the child’s arrival have not been released.

“Katharine McPhee and David Foster have welcomed a healthy baby boy,” the spokesperson said, adding: “Mom, Dad and son are all doing wonderfully.”

The baby is the pair’s first child together, and Foster’s first son, having fathered five daughters from previous relationships.

The happy news emerges a day after McPhee appeared in a pre-taped interview on the Women on Top podcast, in which she revealed she was expecting a boy.

“Now that I am having a boy, there are different things I need to worry about to teach him versus the things I would be thinking about with a girl,” she told hosts Roxy Manning and Tammin Sursok. “But it’s kind of refreshing because I feel like I don’t need to think about those societal ‘this is the way you look.’ I think men have different issues and different things to worry about.”

McPhee and Foster wed in London in 2019.

London Grammar star battled fibromyalgia relapse while recording new album

London Grammar star Hannah Reid has opened up about her struggle with fibromyalgia, revealing she suffered a health crisis while recording the band’s latest album.

The singer told she had no energy when the group started work on California Soil and could only record for “a few hours” a day.

“In between the first and second albums, I really worked on my health and got my health back, but then it relapsed,” Reid said, recalling: “When we started making the third album, I was also trying to really get to the bottom of where it was coming from.”

She continued: “at the start, I had no energy. I could only work for a few hours, sat down with a hand held microphone in the studio. But slowly I regained strength.”

Reid added that she attributed her improvement to “support I had from the boys” noting that her bandmate’s understanding boosted her recovery.

The condition, which causes chronic pain all over the body, kicked in during the tour for the band’s 2013 debut album If You Wait, and Reid admitted she would return home “completely depleted”.

“It’s kind of difficult to talk about to be honest,” she confessed, sharing: “It makes me feel incredibly guilty… especially in a time right now when people are really suffering, to ever talk about it (touring) being difficult.”

Reid is not the only star struggling with fibromyalgia – Lady Gaga also fights the condition.

Chance the Rapper suing ex-manager

Chance the Rapper is countersuing his former manager, accusing him of exploiting his position and damaging the star’s reputation.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Chance is taking on Pat Corcoran, two months after the manager filed his lawsuit, in which he claimed the rapper, real name Chancelor Bennett, owed him millions in unpaid expenses and commissions.

In his new lawsuit, Bennett calls Corcoran’s suit a “gratuitous, fabricated narrative” that is “offensive and insulting”, while accusing the manager of breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract.

“Mr. Corcoran has been paid in full under his management services contract with Mr. Bennett,” lawyers for Bennett said in a statement issued to Rolling Stone.

“Yet he chose to file a groundless and insulting lawsuit that ignores his own improper self-dealing and incompetence,” they went on, announcing: “Mr. Bennett has moved to dismiss the majority of that meritless lawsuit, and filed his own lawsuit to remedy the harm that Mr. Corcoran caused through his breaches of duty.”

The legal team also added that: “Mr. Bennett trusts the legal system to reveal the truth of the parties’ relationship in due course”.

Corcoran became Bennett’s manager following the release of his second mixtape, Acid Rap.

In the suit, Bennett, claims Corcoran used “deception, intimidation, and verbal abuse” to get his way and abused his position to “convert… opportunities for himself and to advance his own separate business interests”.

Among the allegations is a claim that Corcoran used his post as Chance’s rapper to boost his wine business, No Fine Print.