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Harry Styles occupies all Top 3 spots with ‘As It Was’ on track to become longest-running Number 1 of 2022

Harry Styles could claim all Top 3 spots on the Official Singles Chart this week following the release of his third solo album Harry’s House.

He would be the first artist to achieve this feat since Ed Sheeran in March 2017 and the third in history (Justin Bieber was the first).

As It Was is on track to become the longest-running Number 1 of 2022, overtaking We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Disney’s Encanto.

Tion Wayne could see his sixth Top 10 with IFTK, which would also be La Roux’s first Top 10 in nearly 13 years.
N-Dubz’s comeback single Charmer could debut at Number 15.

Aitch’s 1989 – which samples The Stone Roses and features Shaun Ryder – could debut at Number 25.

Father Time could be the fourth song from Kendrick Lamar’s Mr Morale & the Big Steppers to enter the Top 40.

The Official Singles Chart Top 100 is revealed on every Friday at 5.45pm. Follow the Top 40 countdown live on BBC Radio 1’s Official Chart show with Scott Mills.

Ozzy Osbourne awaiting neck surgery

Ozzy Osbourne is set to undergo surgery to treat an existing neck injury.

In an interview for Classic Rock magazine, the Black Sabbath legend spoke about his recent health struggles.

As part of the conversation, Ozzy explained that he “can’t walk properly these days” as a result of an injury sustained in a quad bike accident at his estate in Buckinghamshire, England back in December 2003.

He still faces lasting damage from his injuries, which also included a broken collarbone, eight ribs, and a neck vertebra.

“I’m just waiting on some more surgery on my neck,” he revealed. “I have physical therapy every morning. I am somewhat better, but nowhere near as much as I want to be to go back on the road.”

Ozzy was also asked if he often thinks about mortality.

“At f**king 73, I’ve done pretty well. I don’t plan on going anywhere, but my time’s going to come,” the rocker said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ozzy confirmed he would be moving back to the U.K. in the near future.

“I’ve had enough of living out here (America) now. My intention was never to stay out here,” he added.

Last month, Ozzy’s wife Sharon Osbourne told Talk TV the singer had tested positive for Covid-19, and she would fly from the U.K. to the U.S. to care for him.

“I am very worried about Ozzy right now,” she said at the time.

Ozzy also sustained serious injuries as a result of a fall at his Los Angeles home in 2019, and publicly revealed he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in early 2020.

Cat Burns: ‘I think I’m growing slowly’

Cat Burns joins Elton John’s Rocket Hour on Apple Music 1 this weekend to discuss her current No.3 single ‘Go and brand-new track ‘We’re Not Kids Anymore’. Plus, Elton shares his admiration for her music, saying she’s “the real deal”.

Elton John Tells Cat Burns She Is “The Real Deal”…
Your voice is unreal. You’re the real deal. And ever since I first heard you, I thought, “God, she’s amazing, this girl.” And then I found out more about you and I like you even more.

Cat Burns Tells Elton John About Her Track ‘We’re Not Kids Anymore’….
I had a really close friend when we were about 16, and we did everything together. We were inseparable, and we were convinced that we were going to be best friends for life. And then naturally, just because life happens and relationships and just things happen, we’ve just drifted apart. And definitely not as close as we once were, and barely speak. And I wanted to make a song that I felt like spoke about friendship, breakups and how sad and sombre they feel. Because I think a lot of songs that we have out right now are all about relationship breakups. And as much as almost everyone can relate to them. There are still a group of people that haven’t experienced a relationship yet, and know what a friendship breakup feels like. And I’m wanting to kind of have a song that isn’t a bashing or an evil song. It’s just kind of a wow, we are just not as close as we once were.

Cat Burns Tells Elton John About Her 2022 Tour Plans…

Cat Burns: I just came off a support tour with Mae Muller. So that was my first set of shows that I’ve done properly. And even from the first show, we did in Dublin, and then the last show in London, my confidence kind of just shot up massively from just doing that for a week. And then I’m going on tour with Years And Years in a couple of weeks.

Elton: Oh, yeah. Great. Yeah. Olly Alexander and you. You’ll be causing a rampage everywhere.

Cat Burns: Yeah. That’s what loads of people keep telling me. And then I’ve got my headline shows at the end of May, and then just loads of festivals, so I’m excited. I think I’m growing slowly.

Doja Cat forced to cancel concerts after undergoing tonsil surgery

Doja Cat has been forced to cancel her upcoming concerts as she needs to undergo further tonsil surgery.

Last week, the Say So hitmaker took to social media to share that she had tonsillitis prior to the 2022 Billboard Music Awards and was prescribed a round of antibiotics, but later “drank wine” and was “vaping all day” and ended up with an abscess on one of her tonsils.

Over the weekend, Doja Cat revealed that she required further surgery for the issue and she would be cancelling her appearances at the Hangout Music Festival in Alabama and Lollapalooza in Chicago, as well as her opening act slot for The Weeknd’s forthcoming stadium tour.

“Hi guys. I wanted you to hear it from me first,” she began. “Unfortunately I have to have surgery on my tonsils ASAP. The surgery is routine but the recovery is going to take a while due to swelling.

“That means I have to cancel my festival run this summer as well as The Weeknd tour. I feel horrible about this but can’t wait for this to heal and get back to making music and create an experience for y’all.”

Doja Cat, real name Amala Dlamini, has changed her Twitter handle to “throatussy era” in recognition of the situation.

And while some fans urged her to give up vaping, others wished the star a quick recovery.

“yall bout to make me cry with all the reassurance. i appreciate it. thanks for being supportive. i love you (sic),” the 26-year-old added.

Eminem crashes Pete Davidson’s Saturday Night Live rap music parody

Eminem made a surprise appearance during Pete Davidson’s rap music parody on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

As part of the season finale on Saturday evening, the comedian paid tribute to show creator Lorne Michaels by performing a spoof of the rapper and Dr. Dre’s 1999 hit Forgot About Dre that was titled Forgot About Lorne.

“That guy has literally done everything for me, so I’m going to pay him back by doing this rap video exactly the way he wrote it,” Pete told guest host Natasha Lyonne after pretending to find a script for a rap penned by Lorne in the trash.

Dressed as Lorne, Pete then delivered a rap in which he references the producer’s influence, especially his role in launching the careers of the likes of David Spade, Kristen Wiig, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey, and Will Ferrell.

“So what do you say about a comedy great, been doing it himself for half a century straight,” the 28-year-old rapped. “Wanna talk about all the crazy people he made, every single decade has ridiculous names.”

Towards the end, Eminem stepped in and asked Pete why he is impersonating him again, having previously spoofed his songs Without Me and Stan on the show.

“I would just stop. Yeah, they all suck… Just please, stop… It’s really bad. Pete, don’t f**king do it again,” he jokingly declared.

Earlier, Pete confirmed he was departing the show after an almost eight-year run.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs on a ‘mission’ to bring back R&B with new record label

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is on a “mission” to revitalise R&B music with his new record label.

Earlier this month, the music mogul announced that he will be launching Love Records with his upcoming album, which will be released in conjunction with Motown Records.

Reflecting on the venture during an interview for Billboard, Diddy explained that he wants to breathe new life into the genre and employ a new generation of talent.

“I’m on an R&B mission… a mission to bring back a genre of music that had employed so many musicians and writers. I also want to bring back, you know, our soul,” he said. “That’s a part of our culture. Not singing and sounding like computers to the point where we lose ourselves. So, I’m here to bring back the R&B magic because R&B is love.”

Diddy went on to share that he has long been inspired by Motown founder Berry Gordy’s “blueprint” for a record label, and is excited to be working with a variety of up-and-coming artists.

“This new album is like an R&B Super Bowl featuring artists whose voices I love, with my production and direction underneath. We also have a star-studded array of young producers and songwriters. I love collaborating,” the Last Night hitmaker continued.

Diddy has not yet confirmed a release date for his new record.

Emeli Sandé found it ‘liberating’ producing songs on her latest LP

Emeli Sandé was able to put “more” of herself into her new music as a producer.

The ‘Heaven’ hitmaker got to step into the producer role on a number of the songs on her new album, ‘Let’s Say For Instance’, and it was a “liberating” experience.

She explained: “I loved it – really liberating. I really fell in love with production, because it showed me that, yes, beyond the melody and the lyric and the chords you put around it, you can just take it to another world; you can create a whole atmosphere and worlds that people can live in. I think that’s the biggest lesson I learnt from production – and also that everyone can produce in different ways.

“I always felt, Oh, well, I can’t really call myself a producer because I don’t know how to use this program. But, then, I’ve realised it’s so much beyond that and you can really choose the way you want to do it. It just allows me to put more of myself into the music.”

The ‘Next To Me’ hitmaker – who was married to university lecturer Adam Gouraguine from 2012 to 2014 – announced last month that she is now dating female classical pianist Yoana Karemova, and being able to be her true self in her music was also “freeing”.

She added to “I love it. I feel, the more honest I am, the more liberating it feels, yeah. I’d only ever really hate a song if I felt I hadn’t been honest or I felt I was trying to be pretentious in it, which I really always try to avoid.

“So, through the music, I definitely find, when you just tell the truth, there’s nothing more freeing. That’s why I always make sure lyrically I don’t lie. I’ve always been quite a honest person and I want people to know me exactly. So to now be able to be honest about everything – personal life, music – all the rest of it’s like, Okay, cool, now it’s complete. I feel like I can just be myself in every aspect of my life now.”

Mark Owen’s new album features daughters on vocals

Mark Owen’s new solo record features his daughters.

The 50-year-old Take That star has daughters Willow, 13, and Fox, nine and son Elwood, 15, with wife Emma Ferguson and he revealed that Willow and Fox feature on his upcoming solo album.

He told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “They’re into all their own music but actually they’re aware and interested in this, which is nice.

“The girls are singing on the record, doing backing vocals with two girls who have been performing with Foo Fighters, so that was exciting and a nice experience for them.

“They’re excited about it being out this week, and keep asking questions about it.”

And Mark is hoping to hit the road for a solo tour with his record ‘Land Of Dreams’, which will be released in September.

He said: “Live is what it’s all about, of course, and I can’t wait to gig the new songs when the album is finally released.

“I’ve got myself a band together, which is exciting, and we’re playing Isle of Wight and Latitude Festival. I couldn’t be more excited – but mostly because I love festivals and I know I’ll wander around and watch everyone else. I just went to Coachella and saw Harry Styles, Dave, loads of different people – so what will happen is we’re just about to go on stage and the band and tour manager will all be like, ‘Where’s Mark?’ I’m just excited to be there and see everyone else – but it’s a joy to be part of it.”

Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa have an ‘unspoken bond’

Megan Thee Stallion has an “unspoken bond” with her Sweetest Pie collaborator Dua Lipa.

The Hot Girl Summer hitmaker admitted to U.S. Vogue magazine that she wasn’t convinced she would click with the New Rules singer before they worked together on the collaboration, which was released in March.

“When somebody is so gorgeous and established, you don’t know what to expect,” she explained. “A lot of ladies can be divas. But Dua is just so nice. She felt like a familiar spirit. We have an unspoken bond, it’s not even anything we need to discuss. Sometimes people get the wrong idea about me, too. But once you meet me, you’re like, ‘Oh! This is my homegirl.'”

Megan first expressed her interest in working with Dua in June 2021 when she said in a video, “Somebody asked me about Dua Lipa, I love Dua Lipa, she’s so fire. I really do want to do a song with Dua Lipa.”

The comment caught the Levitating singer’s attention and she wrote on her Instagram Stories, “I love you @TheeStallion LET’S GET IT!!!!”

They began teasing the song in February before officially announcing the collab in March.

In the Vogue interview, Dua’s friend and co-songwriter, Clarence Coffee Jr., revealed that the star came up with her section of the track in under an hour.

“I wish more people could see how she is as an artist in a room,” he praised. “She has incredible ideas, she’s a great lyricist, and she’s a beast with melodies.”

The Black Keys: ‘The older we get, the more we believe’

The Black Keys join Zane Lowe in the studio on Apple Music 1 to discuss their new album ‘Dropout Boogie’. The group’s Patrick Carney tells Zane about the blessing of the duo’s lifelong friendship and creative partnership, their evolved mindset pertaining to the band’s career and ambition, auditing a posthumous Michael Jackson release to attain their first Number One album, and working with Billy Gibbons. He also discusses receiving early support from Beck following a chance encounter as a teenager and why he hasn’t watched The Beatles’ ‘Get Back’ documentary yet.

Patrick Carney Tells Apple Music About The Blessing of His Lifelong Friendship with Bandmate Dan Auerbach…
The older we get, the more we believe, the more we realise how special it is, the gift that we were given, to be able to have this connection that we have. And we don’t take it for granted, man. We work on it all the time.There’s a lot of levels to it too. It’s like we grew up around the corner from each other and when we finally kind of… We used to trade baseball cards with each other and we got picked on by the same piece of **** down the street. And when we finally found ourselves into music at the same time, just even recognising the fact that like… Because we were in two different kind of groups of friends, you know? And I guess just having the maturity to be like, this is- This is bigger than all that. And then we… It’s crazy. It’s like at this point I see Dan more than I see anybody else in my family or any friends, you know? So he’s my longest friend, we’ve known each other for 30-something years.

Patrick Carney Tells Apple Music The Band Almost Has Another Record Done…
We almost have another record done. Yeah, we’ve been hitting the Rolodex hard. Oh, we’ve been making a lot of cool stuff and it’s been fun.

Patrick Carney Tells Apple Music About The Band Burning Out in 2013 and What He Would Do Differently In Retrospect…
We just burned out. We were going through some heavy stuff and Dan got divorced in 2013. We made a record that year. We should have taken some time off. Dan should have done some side projects. But we worked through it and then we just had to take some time off. So, Dan did the Arcs, he did his solo record, started his label. It was all good. The only thing I would’ve changed is just communicating better to each other that it’s okay to take some time off.

Patrick Carney Tells Apple Music About Auditing a Posthumous Michael Jackson Record To Achieve Their First Number One Record…
When we put out ‘Brothers’, it was number three and our previous charting record was 14. I was like, “If we got three, why can’t we get one?” So then we made our next record and it was like number two because Michael Bublé’s Christmas record sold like a billion copies. And we’re like, “That’s **** us right now?” So then we’re like, “We got to get the number one thing.” So we make ‘Turn Blue’ and one of the 50 **** posthumous Michael Jackson records came out and literally we’re sitting at home, our manager calls like, “Yeah, it’s a number two record, Michael Jackson.” I’m like, “Bulll***, there’s no ****** way that that garbage has sold more than us.” And they went and they audited the ***** books and they found out that they were giving the record away at some Cirque du Soleil ****** in Vegas. If you bought a ticket, you got a record and they were counting that ****. So they threw them all out and we got the number one. We had to fight Michael Jackson’s lawyers to get the number one.

Patrick Carney Tells Apple Music About The Group’s Evolved Mindset Pertaining To Working and Output…
For a long time it was like, “You got to have big first week numbers. You’ve got to do this.” And part of it may be that we have done that. We’ve had the number one record before and you realise, “Oh, these aren’t the things that you really want to chase necessarily.” So for me and for us, we’ve been looking at things less cyclical and more just like, “Oh yeah, we’re a band and we’re making music.” And there’s no, “We’re making a record. We’re putting a record out. We’re touring.” It should all just be, “We’re working.” That’s it. It takes a while to figure that out.

Patrick Carney Tells Apple Music Why He Hasn’t Watched The Beatles’ ‘Get Back’ Documentary Yet…
I have mixed feelings. I want to see it, but at the same time, I talked to a lot of people like who are a little bit younger than us, and they’re just like, “Yeah, I don’t really get the Beatles. It’s just overexposure.” And I’m thinking like, well wait a second, literally at this point we’ve seen every single thing… Well, I’m saying that like, the mystique now is fading. You know what I mean? If you listen to The Clash, imagine if every fight The Clash had was on film? You know what I mean? I don’t know. I feel like it’s just a little bit exhausting. You know? It’s like sometimes a little bit less exposure is good and keeping that stuff under wraps. I don’t know, a 14 hour documentary of the band in the studio, it is something that sounds like I’d watch, but… …if I were to watch it, I’d probably just be like, whoever didn’t tell these guys to go on vacation for two years is a ****** idiot. And they all paid the price for it. You know?

The Black Keys Tells Apple Music About Collaborating With Billy Gibbons…
Patrick: I was a little nervous. It’s the first time I’ve ever recorded with a legend like that.
Dan: He showed up with a bottle of red wine. He didn’t bring a guitar. He played a guitar that I owned that used to be owned by Mississippi Fred McDowell. And so I handed it to him, we plugged it straight into the amp, turned the amp all the way up and it was boom, it was Billy Gibbons. And when he finished the bottle of red wine, he took off. And we had four songs finished by the time he left.

Patrick Carney Tells Apple Music About Receiving Early Support From Beck Following A Chance Encounter With Him Backstage as a Teenager…
I met Beck when I was 16 on the Odelay tour because my uncle Ralph, the who bought the Opticon, he was friends with Smokey Hormel, Beck’s touring guitar player. Anyway, Smokey Hormel put me on the list and I got to go see Beck and I got backstage. It was a big deal. I was 16 and I meet my first rockstar. That record was just so important to me because it was so good, it was so fun. Anyway, I go backstage. I was very nervous and he’s holding the fruit bowl and he was like, “Do you want a pear?,” being so weird. And then, the next time I really run into him, we were on tour with Sleater-Kinney on our first tour with a band showing us the ropes and we’re playing the Roseland Ballroom in New York in February of 2003. And we have a record called Thickfreakness coming out in a couple months and I had a promo in my sleeve and Sleater-Kinney’s like, “Do you want to go to the SNL after party? Beck invited us.” So I was like, “Yeah.” We go there and we’re at this after party. It’s too expensive for us to order a drink so we just start pounding, I’d start pounding on the leftover drinks on the table.And Chris Kattan comes over. And he was like, “Are you drinking other people’s leftovers?” And I was like, “Yeah.” He’s like, “Dude, can I hang out with you?” Yeah. And then, I got the balls to go say hi to Beck and I was like, “I met you, blah, blah, blah. And here’s this record.” And the next day, I’m sure I was like, “Oh, fuck, I probably sounded an idiot.” And a couple weeks later, our agent calls us and like, “Yeah, Beck just invited you guys to support him on the whole summer tour,” including playing in a show at Brixton Academy in London, which is another big, huge thing. He really was an early big supporter of ours. That was a huge break for us, to get in that tour and meeting the people we got to meet on that tour and getting the confidence of being endorsed by someone that you really, really are a fan of and look up to. And it happened a couple other times with us. It happened once Radiohead took us out, which is another really cool thing. But with Beck, it was different because he was hanging out with us. He was interested in us as … You know?

Patrick Carney Tells Apple Music ‘Delta Kream’ Is One Of His Favourite Records The Band Has Made…
We made that ‘Delta Kream’ record and we had so much fun making it. It was like, we were just excited. Felt good, I don’t know… it was one of our favorite records we made so we just rode that wave right back in the studio. We couldn’t wait to get back in and we started working right away.