City Listing – Directory Template

City Listing – Directory Template

It’s Getting Better and Better

1.07 version has just been released. More
info on Changelog section, at end of this page.

Since 1.04 version, City
introduces one of its biggest implementations.
You can opt to load SEO irrelevant contents dynamically and
automagically get what every advanced web developer works hard
to achieve:

The Highest PageSpeed Performance Overseas

Performance results obtained from
Available on the package as minified and unminified versions.


City Listing is an HTML directory template
powered with Bootstrap 1170px Grid System, ensuring responsive
layout and excellent navigation approach on every device and
modern browsers. It was developed to present company listings,
but you can easily adapt it to receive any kind of listings that
fulfill your needs.

Features and Details

  • New: 36 predefined color skins
  • New: 9 homepage Hero Header variations
  • New: 5 grid listing options
  • Universal (multipurpose) directory template: adapt it to
    list companies, classifieds in general, real estate, anything
    you wish.
  • Use YouTube, Vimeo, self hosted video, slideshow or image
    on Hero Header
  • Perfectly responsive, instantaneously adaptable and touch
  • Development focused on both mobile and desktop
  • Smart Hero Header and layout: no video on mobiles,
    automatic resizable elements
  • Clean code and well commented
  • Cross browser compatibility validated
  • HTML & CSS validated
  • Retina ready
  • Listing grid and map view
  • Listing filter with multiple selector
  • Probably the easiest map listing you will find: code very
    compact and objective
  • Map view with Sidebar
  • Blog listing and single article pages included
  • Mask/reveal effect on Hero Headers
  • Load images lazily for better performance (optional via JS
  • Supports Google Fonts and FontAwesome
  • Documentation included (extensive and detailed)

Original Eye-catching Rounded Design

Robust structure, compact code, simple and objective
contents and intuitive elements accurately designed to astonish
even more on every eyeblink.

Easily Personalize As You Wish

Layout samples:

You will receive all images of the live preview to use as you
wish, freely.

HTML Pages (49):

(Notice: no PHP files included)

  • index-youtube.html
  • index-youtube-light.html
  • index-vimeo.html
  • index-local-video-color.html
  • index-slideshow.html
  • index-image.html
  • index-image-dark.html
  • index-image-masked.html
  • index-image-texture.html
  • index-in-color.html
  • index-map-and-page.html
  • index-squared.html
  • index-squared-mobile.html
  • about.html
  • listings-map.html
  • listing-map-and-grid.html
  • listings-option-1.html
  • listings-option-2.html
  • listings-option-3.html
  • listings-option-4.html
  • listings-option-5.html
  • listings-option-6-squared.html
  • listings-option-7-squared-mobile.html
  • listings-option-8.html
  • listings-option-9.html
  • listing-detail.html
  • cities-option-1.html
  • cities-option-2.html
  • cities-option-3.html
  • cities-option-4.html
  • blog-option-1.html
  • blog-option-2.html
  • blog-option-3.html
  • blog-option-4.html
  • blog-option-5-squared.html
  • blog-option-5-squared-mobile.html
  • blog-option-6.html
  • blog-option-7.html
  • single-blog-option-1.html
  • single-blog-option-2.html
  • single-blog-option-3-squared.html
  • single-blog-option-4-squared-mobile.html
  • login-register.html
  • forgot-password.html
  • pricing.html
  • faq.html
  • 404.html
  • contact.html
  • support.html

Credits and Thanks

Grid System Fonts and


CC0 Licenced Photos


Flat Icon Images jQuery




Fixed issue with jQuery scrollTop on mobiles


Added 15 new HTML pages covering blog and listings variations
New homepage with map on Hero Header
New CSS classes to set listings with squared shape
New CSS classes to show/hide excerpts on mobile
New listing page with map view as default (listing-map-and-grid.html)


Fixed a bug on map library. The error was occurring exclusively on listing-map.html.


PageSpeed performance strongly optimized with Google Insights, GTMetrix, Pingdom and Webpage Tools 


5 new homepage samples, including light and dark Hero Header versions
Added 36 CSS stylesheets with predefined colors
New map listing page (map as default)
New map with clean design
3 new listing grid options
3 new city page options
3 new blog grid options
New listing page with map view as default
New support page
New single blog page option
All preview images are now available on the pack for free usage


Added 4 new homepages with video and slideshow as background to Hero Header
Added city filter to Hero Search boxes
Added shape options to front categories (horizontal, vertical, leaf and mixed)
Added mouse effect to Hero Header
Added animated effects to hovers on listing items
Sample local Hero Header video included on the pack

Price: $16

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