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Ed Sheeran to be a dad

Ed Sheeran is set to become a summer dad, according to reports that his wife Cherry Seaborn is expecting their first child in weeks.

The private pair have been able to keep the baby news under wraps throughout the COVID lockdown, but now one source has let the big news slip.

An insider told The Sun, “Ed and Cherry are over the moon. They’re very excited but have kept things very low key. Lockdown was a perfect excuse not to be seen out and about too much, but things are getting closer and the excitement has been building so they have started telling friends and family.”

The source continued: “They’re just making the last of the preparations at home, and the baby is expected later this summer. It’s a really happy time and their families are all totally delighted for them and cannot wait to meet the new arrival.”

The Perfect singer is currently enjoying an extended career hiatus after announcing plans to put his personal life first after years of touring the world.

Ed and Cherry exchanged vows during a private ceremony in January 2019.

Nile Rodgers launches Youth to the Front fund to combat systematic racism

Nile Rodgers is pushing to end systematic racism with his We Are Family Foundation’s new Youth to the Front Fund.

The fund will support “under 30-year-old BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) youth activists, youth-led organisations, projects, innovations and creative solutions that are at the forefront of fighting systemic racism, inequality, inequity and injustice in the United States and around the world,” according to a press release.

Although the exact monetary value of the fund was not revealed, it was described as a “growing six-figure” sum, with organisers insisting it is not meant to be a “one-off response to George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent global outrage, but rather an ongoing sustainable commitment.”

To accompany the announcement, Chic star Rodgers shared a video message and statement detailing his life-long experiences with racism and explaining why he was compelled to help now.

Rodgers revealed he was first confronted with racism as a seven-year-old, the only black boy in his second-grade classroom, where he was harassed by other students and even teachers. As a 12-year-old, after his family moved to Los Angeles, he also recalled being “threatened at gunpoint by various random policemen and gun-toting whites of all backgrounds.”

However, when the Le Freak star was 16, he joined the New York chapter of the revolutionary socialist political organisation, the Black Panther Party.

“We stood up for racial equality and provided breakfast to school children and countless other basic needs actions in the community, he remembered. “Those deeds provided me with the principles by which I live to this very day.”

He continued: “There have been countless murders of people of colour for hundreds of years… But the killing of George Floyd has resonated in a way I have never witnessed in my lifetime.

“Maybe at this moment in time, we’ll truly move in a direction of positive change for equality, equity and equal justice.”

Selena Gomez: ‘Lose You to Love Me is closure song about abusive Justin Bieber relationship’

Selena Gomez has confirmed her heartbreaking Lose You to Love Me hit was inspired by her on-off relationship with Justin Bieber.

In a candid new interview with NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro, the singer admitted the track helped her find closure after splitting from Justin for good in 2018, months before he wed model Hailey Baldwin.

Asked about the inspiration behind the number one song, Gomez said, “It has a different meaning to me now from when I wrote it. I felt I didn’t get a respectful closure, and I had accepted that, but I know I needed some way to just say a few things that I wish I had said.

“It’s not a hateful song; it’s a song that is saying, ‘I had something beautiful and I would never deny that it wasn’t that’. It was very difficult and I’m happy it’s over. And I felt like this was a great way to just say, ‘You know, it’s done, and I understand that, and I respect that, and now here I am stepping into a whole other chapter’.”

“Saying goodbye to Justin Bieber, who I’m assuming you’re speaking about,” Garcia-Navarro pried, prompting Selena to concede, “You had to get the name in, I get it.”

Gomez also revealed she felt abused emotionally as Bieber’s girlfriend, adding, “It’s dangerous to stay in a victim mentality… I’m not being disrespectful (but) I do feel I was a victim to certain abuse… I had to find a way to understand it as an adult.

“And I had to understand the choices I was making. As much as I definitely don’t want to spend the rest of my life talking about this, I am really proud that I can say I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt and I’ve found a way to just walk through it with as much grace as possible.”

Bieber has yet to respond to his ex-girlfriend’s radio comments, but last year (19), he confessed he had been a bad partner in the past.

“l started doing pretty heavy drugs at 19 and abused all of my relationships,” he wrote on Instagram. “I became resentful, disrespectful to women, and angry. It took years to bounce back from all these terrible decisions, fix broken relationships, and change relationship habits.”

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald First Look (2018)

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald First Look (2018): Check out the first look starring Johnny Depp, Ezra Miller, and Katherine Waterston! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

The second installment of the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ series which follows the adventures of Newt Scamander.

Square Cash is letting some users buy and sell Bitcoin

Square is testing cryptocurrency support in their Cash app, according to TechCrunch reader Zach Miles on Twitter and confirmed by the company.

The trial, which seems to only be available right now to a small number of users, lets you buy and sell bitcoin directly in the app.

The interface is very basic. Users who have access to the beta can swipe right from the Cash Card page to access bitcoin functionality. Once there users will see a balance in USD and BTC, a graph showing performance over the last day, month or year and buy / sell buttons.

There is a button to generate a wallet address – but the balance in one wallet address we checked didn’t match the user’s bitcoin holdings, meaning Square is likely using pooled wallets to hold user funds and not storing private keys on a user’s device, similar to how Coinbase works.

One source also said that a transaction sent to this address hasn’t yet shown up in his balance, so it’s definitely more of a beta than a fully functional release.

It seems that at least for now, the feature is centered around buying and selling bitcoin and not sending and receiving – which is unusual considering Square Cash is known for sending and receiving money. As noted above there’s a (potentially non-fuctioning) option to generate an address to receive bitcoin, but no option to send it.

It’s not yet clear what the fee structure will be or if there are daily buying or selling limits, or who Square is using as a liquidity provider for the transactions.

Jack Dorsey has spoken publicly about the benefits of cryptocurrency and the blockchain, but hadn’t acknowledged that Square was working on building the functionality into their Cash app.

We reached out to Square for comment and they provided us with the following statement:

“We’re always listening to our customers and we’ve found that they are interested in using the Cash app to buy bitcoin. We’re exploring how Square can make this experience faster and easier, and have rolled out this feature to a small number of Cash app customers. We believe cryptocurrency can greatly impact the ability of individuals to participate in the global financial system and we’re excited to learn more here.” – Square Spokesperson

Watch the video below to check out the feature in action:

City Listing – Directory Template

It’s Getting Better and Better

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City Listing is an HTML directory template
powered with Bootstrap 1170px Grid System, ensuring responsive
layout and excellent navigation approach on every device and
modern browsers. It was developed to present company listings,
but you can easily adapt it to receive any kind of listings that
fulfill your needs.

Features and Details

  • New: 36 predefined color skins
  • New: 9 homepage Hero Header variations
  • New: 5 grid listing options
  • Universal (multipurpose) directory template: adapt it to
    list companies, classifieds in general, real estate, anything
    you wish.
  • Use YouTube, Vimeo, self hosted video, slideshow or image
    on Hero Header
  • Perfectly responsive, instantaneously adaptable and touch
  • Development focused on both mobile and desktop
  • Smart Hero Header and layout: no video on mobiles,
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  • Clean code and well commented
  • Cross browser compatibility validated
  • HTML & CSS validated
  • Retina ready
  • Listing grid and map view
  • Listing filter with multiple selector
  • Probably the easiest map listing you will find: code very
    compact and objective
  • Map view with Sidebar
  • Blog listing and single article pages included
  • Mask/reveal effect on Hero Headers
  • Load images lazily for better performance (optional via JS
  • Supports Google Fonts and FontAwesome
  • Documentation included (extensive and detailed)

Original Eye-catching Rounded Design

Robust structure, compact code, simple and objective
contents and intuitive elements accurately designed to astonish
even more on every eyeblink.

Easily Personalize As You Wish

Layout samples:

You will receive all images of the live preview to use as you
wish, freely.

HTML Pages (49):

(Notice: no PHP files included)

  • index-youtube.html
  • index-youtube-light.html
  • index-vimeo.html
  • index-local-video-color.html
  • index-slideshow.html
  • index-image.html
  • index-image-dark.html
  • index-image-masked.html
  • index-image-texture.html
  • index-in-color.html
  • index-map-and-page.html
  • index-squared.html
  • index-squared-mobile.html
  • about.html
  • listings-map.html
  • listing-map-and-grid.html
  • listings-option-1.html
  • listings-option-2.html
  • listings-option-3.html
  • listings-option-4.html
  • listings-option-5.html
  • listings-option-6-squared.html
  • listings-option-7-squared-mobile.html
  • listings-option-8.html
  • listings-option-9.html
  • listing-detail.html
  • cities-option-1.html
  • cities-option-2.html
  • cities-option-3.html
  • cities-option-4.html
  • blog-option-1.html
  • blog-option-2.html
  • blog-option-3.html
  • blog-option-4.html
  • blog-option-5-squared.html
  • blog-option-5-squared-mobile.html
  • blog-option-6.html
  • blog-option-7.html
  • single-blog-option-1.html
  • single-blog-option-2.html
  • single-blog-option-3-squared.html
  • single-blog-option-4-squared-mobile.html
  • login-register.html
  • forgot-password.html
  • pricing.html
  • faq.html
  • 404.html
  • contact.html
  • support.html

Credits and Thanks

Grid System Fonts and


CC0 Licenced Photos


Flat Icon Images jQuery




Fixed issue with jQuery scrollTop on mobiles


Added 15 new HTML pages covering blog and listings variations
New homepage with map on Hero Header
New CSS classes to set listings with squared shape
New CSS classes to show/hide excerpts on mobile
New listing page with map view as default (listing-map-and-grid.html)


Fixed a bug on map library. The error was occurring exclusively on listing-map.html.


PageSpeed performance strongly optimized with Google Insights, GTMetrix, Pingdom and Webpage Tools 


5 new homepage samples, including light and dark Hero Header versions
Added 36 CSS stylesheets with predefined colors
New map listing page (map as default)
New map with clean design
3 new listing grid options
3 new city page options
3 new blog grid options
New listing page with map view as default
New support page
New single blog page option
All preview images are now available on the pack for free usage


Added 4 new homepages with video and slideshow as background to Hero Header
Added city filter to Hero Search boxes
Added shape options to front categories (horizontal, vertical, leaf and mixed)
Added mouse effect to Hero Header
Added animated effects to hovers on listing items
Sample local Hero Header video included on the pack

Price: $16

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