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Mix – Irregular Rounded Lines Backgrounds

Pop Art Textures with Random Lines Overview

You are welcome to upgrade your design by trendy liquid motion in rounded shapes and flat stripes executed in retro style. This particular set has horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions of lines. There is a beautiful halftone transition as well. Present here fluid flows have a funny character and able to pass it to your projects. There are wallpapers that resemble the movement of raindrops on the glass. All kinds of these rain depictions shape beautiful aesthetic perception and add dynamic vibes to the whole composition.

What will you receive?

You’ll get 1 cheerful set of backgrounds. The archive includes 10 different vector templates. It’s worthy to know that they are vector, print-ready, and high-quality. Hope you will notice the potential of these irregular wavy forms textures as we do.

Can you customize this background concept?

Absolutely. All 10 non-seamless patterns are easily editable in Adobe Illustrator. The sizes of shapes, colors, and directions of the lines can be changed according to your vision, standards, and needs. Without a doubt, you will be rewarded by comfort work process and worthy results.

Where can you use these modern patterns?

  1. Actually, these materials called to be used as decorative resources for people who work in web and graphic design areas.
  2. Rich using options variety of these multi-colored textures outline their universality.
  3. Their positive surface shall keep the audience happy while you present your information in a creative way.
  4. Moreover, particular backgrounds are well suited for the design of applications, websites, and social media commercial profiles.

Additional information:

  1. Graphics Files Included: JPG Image, PNG, AI, EPS 10
  2. Pixel Dimensions: 5000×3333
  3. Resolution: 300dpi

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Mix - Irregular Rounded Lines Backgrounds - 1

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Colored Graffiti Maze Seamless Patterns

Graffiti Mess Seamless Background

Rainbow-like maze is a pattern for those who value flamboyant style and unique easy to edit content. 10 multi-colored variations help you to express your opinion, mood or attitude. Such erratic ornament allows nobody to stay indifferent. Unusual tangled lines make your page original and trendy.

Change hues according to your needs from psychedelic red with neon yellow to pastel pink. Abstract labyrinth and geometric graffiti resemble hip hop culture.

This editable pattern is ideal for social media, wallpapers or even commercial banners.

The pattern perfectly fits printed production and web-site design.

Zig-zag Multicolored Patterns Benefits

Due to the vector graphics, all layered backgrounds are easy to edit in Adobe Illustrator. Make your page modern and eye-catching using custom settings for colors, shapes and geo size to match your purpose. The archive contains API, EPS 10, PNG, JPG files.

With seamless patterns it is simple to change the direction of geometric background creating the illusion of endless intricacy. These multi colored motifs make a visitor stare at them in confusion, trying to make heads and tails of the lines.

Application highlights

The major advantage of this hippie style tileable set is its multipurpose application. Colorful zigzags can be used as:

  1. flyer;
  2. app background;
  3. advertisement;
  4. Instagram stories;
  5. desktop wallpaper;
  6. wrapping;
  7. textile print;
  8. leaflet;
  9. poster;
  10. device covers;
  11. ad banners.

Hip-hop style zig zags suit music backgrounds or gift wrapping as well.

Additional information:

Please, thoroughly check the description details before making a purchase.

  • Graphics Files Included: AI, EPS 10, PNG, JPG Image
  • Pixel Dimensions: 5000×3333
  • Print Dimensions: 16.667×11.11
  • Resolution: 300 dpi

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Colored Graffiti Maze Seamless Patterns - 1

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